14 Days To A Better Butt Workout Challenge


A beautiful booty? Tighter tush? Gorgeous glutes? Let’s face it, everyone wants a better butt. But is it possible? Of course it is! That’s why we’re kicking off our 14 Days To A Better Butt Challenge! If you are willing to put in just a few minutes a day for the next 14 days, you’ll be on your way to a better backside. Bonus: your glutes are the biggest muscles on your body, so working those babies not only gives you a better shape, but burns a bunch of calories too.

The challenge is super simple: when you sign up for our challenge, you’ll be able to download the Better Butt Checklist with the 3 butt moves you’ll perform every day for 14 days. You’ll start with just 10 repetitions for each move and add reps each day of the challenge. You’ll also receive Challenge-exclusive emails with tips to keep you going and access to one free GHU TV workout video (targeting the tush or lower body) every other day. By the end of the challenge, believe me, you’ll know your rear end is there!

These 14 days will show you that with consistency you can strengthen and tone your lower body. When you work your muscles, the muscle fibers get stressed and if you combine that work with healthy eating, you willget stronger. If you continue on after the 14 days (we are cheering for you!) then as your body adapts to stress, you’ll likely hit a plateau where the benefits of these exerciese will begin to diminish. When this happens, it’s time to change it up by increasing weight (adding dumbbells) and/or changing exercises. Peruse our workouts at Get Healthy U TV to get new ideas .


The moves are shown with a picture and description to help you get started—just in case they don’t look familiar. Then just click to download the chart, follow the plan, check the box when you’re done and share with your friends on facebook or twitter using the hashtag #14DaysToABetterButt. So let’s get started! This should take about 10 minutes of your day; it’s a small price to pay for a better backside.

1. Pass Through Lunge

Pass through lunges are a great move for your glutes.A) Stand with feet hip distance apart. Step right foot behind and lower slowly to a lunge until both legs are at a 90-degree angle.

B) Then lift right leg up and let it float slowly to the front, lowering again to 90-degrees.

C) Now push right foot up again and float it behind you as you did the first time. After doing the number of reps listed on the chart, switch legs and repeat.

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