9 Simple Exercises to Reduce Thigh Fat


Some of us have a tendency of accumulating all the bad fat on our thigh. It leaves us looking ugly and the worst part is that none of those wonderful dresses fits in due to odd body shape of ours. There are fats which are poses greater challenges in front us as it is hard to reduce them but easy to gain. So if you are one of those who have been facing it difficult to get rid of this stubborn thigh fats then you can read on to know more about how you can tame this unruly fat of yours.

Thigh fats are common in women but if you are a great consumer of sugar, carbohydrates, trans-fat and alcohol then you will get these big thighs in no time. Therefore it becomes very important that you start doing cardio even before you think of toning your thighs. So, if you are interested in losing those extra fats from all the wrong places ten it is very important that you engage yourself in some rigorous workout. You can try different styles of working out like swimming, running or some elliptical training. You have to really commit towards the workout if you want to get real benefits from it and not only that you need to chalk out session wise workout. You have to give in, at least 4 – 6 sessions of 45 minutes each week.


Exercises to Reduce Thighs Fat Fast at Home

You have to give up on your favorite food and drinks if you want to lose those fats on your thighs apart from hitting the gym regularly. Another thing that you must check in with your doctor before you start your workouts as it is very important that your heart condition is ok , then you must not have any problems with knees, hypertension or for that matter diabetes. When you are done with your checking and the doctor has given a thumbs up about your health condition then we can go ahead with these exercises.

leg lift and hold Exercises to Reduce Thighs Fat

1. Leg Lift and Hold

  • While lying on your back you have to lift your legs a hand length over the ground while keeping the knees and ankles held together.
  • You have to hold and lift it together, but now you have to increase the length.
  • When you hold back count back from eight to zero to complete one set and likewise you will have to complete eight sets, but on the first day you can start with six and then gradually increase your sets when you feel comfortable.

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