How I Made Pinterest My Full-Time Job


Actually having success is kind of weird. You hear so many success stories for so long that becoming one starts to feel so distant. It’s tiring.. until you become one. Now I’m not trying to sound cliche (I swear), it’s just really hard not to share how I felt or how I became one. Seriously, it’s like once you have a door open for you (finally), you start to see all of the doors that could open for you. You realize that nothing’s actually impossible and you want to share that with basically everyone.

So here I am! Sharing some awesome tips on how you can make Pinterest your full-time job. Pretty cool right? Well before I get into it, I’ll just quickly share why I was prompted to start working at home and how I got started.

WARNING: There are some important points in here, so make sure to read it over.

Bullet point session! Go!

  • My husband and I both wanted to travel bad.
  • Husband worked horrible soul-sucking (no joke) corporate jobs.
  • We both wanted him to get out of them.
  • Money was really tight because said corporate jobs didn’t pay very well.
  • Were tempted to have me work a part-time job (because I didn’t have a college degree)
  • Instead made the sacrifice to research ways to work at home.
  • Found an awesome podcast from The Side Hustle Show featuring Rosemarie Groner from The Busy Budgeter that changed EVERYTHING.
  • Found out that it was possible to start a blog and get massive traffic from Pinterest.
  • Learned how to make an income from traffic with Pinterest.
  • Now we’re able to travel full-time.


Ok, done. Well.. not really. I still have to explain what I learned and how Pinterest basically became my full-time job.

In the podcast I mentioned above that interviewed Rosemarie Groner, I learned how having a blog could be a very lucrative business. Of course there were many blogs out there so I wasn’t sure how I could make mine compete against all the others out there. But by using some of Rosemarie’s tips and a few tactics of my own, I knew I could make it work.

Now blogging wasn’t my first option, but Rosemarie had so many actionable tips that I knew I could make it work. But first, I’ll give you a very condensed version of what you need to do to get started with a blog.

Step 1

No, I’m not going to start with, “Find your niche!” Or, “Create a super fabulous blog name!” I mean, that’s a given.. right? So first! Write 25-50 blog posts before you even launch a blog. This way you’ll have plenty of content for new readers to go through when they find your site and when Adsense (Google’s ad service – see below) will be more likely to accept your application to host their ads on your site.

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